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A new platform

„nordwindaktiv“ fills a gap: It is the first network in Germany with a focus on the energy transition industry, not only as manufacturers and market players, but also as employers.

„nordwindaktiv“ represents industrial companies and industrial service providers who construct, produce, install and maintain facilities of renewable energy, or they are branch outfitters and suppliers, who concentrate on onshore and offshore windpower.

„nordwindaktiv“ is exchange platform and consultant for

  • industrial relations

  • working conditions

  • labour and social law

  • industrial constitution law

  • collective bargaining law

  • modern organisation of work

The umbrella organization

„nordwindaktiv“ is the umbrella organization of seven employers associations in the north of Germany:

  • NORDMETALL Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie

  • AGV NORD Allgemeiner Verband der Wirtschaft Norddeutschlands

  • Allgemeiner Arbeitgeberverband von Bremen

  • Arbeitgeberverband Bremerhaven

  • Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsverband Jade

  • Arbeitgeberverband Oldenburg

  • Arbeitgeberverband für Ostfriesland und Papenburg

With their membership in one of these associations, companies of this sector are able to participate in „nordwindaktiv“ too.

Contact us


Marcel Christmann
Hohenstaufenstraße 33
27570 Bremerhaven
    + 49 471 260-31
    E-Mail schreiben


Stephan Kallhoff
Haus der Wirtschaft
Kapstadtring 10
22297 Hamburg
    + 49 40 6378-4243
    E-Mail schreiben

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